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Vanity, behind the scenes

2010, September 15th

I was reading a very good article about Norman Rockwell in Vanity Fair Magazine when I had an insight.
What if we drawn a contemporary pinup on Elvgren Style but with Rockwell’s vision?
Just take a look at this simple workshop and I am sure you will love it.
by A. Stockler

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Greenzys Project

2010, April 22th

Cris De Lara did the entire book, illustrations and digital paintings, and also redesigned the characters, made the model sheets for the plush toys and several other things. Although Cris was very important for the project she highlights the teamwork as the key point for its success. - by A. Stockler

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New Web Site

2010, March 13th

This is Cris De Lara's web site new version. An online portfolio focused in illustrations, portraits, caricatures than Pin Up art and it reflects part of the talented artist she is. Cris De Lara Pin Up web site is coming. I am proud to present this job for you. I am sure you will like it very much. - by A. Stockler

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