Cris De Lara

A very unique style for portraits, caricatures, pinup art and illustrations.

Quote Sheet Summary

Cris De Lara

e-mail: [email protected]

Studio: +1 289 820-7246

Thank you for chosing me as an option for this work. I am sure my style and skills will make te difference for your project.

In order to have a better quote for your project, please provide me the following information to the questions below:

1) Could you, please, provide a brief description of your project? (it does not need to be a description of the images in the project)

2) Where will the project and artworks appear? (for instance, on TV, Magazines, Outdoors)

3) In which country(ies) the project and artwork will appear? (for instance, North America)

4) What Country rights do your project require? (for instance, North America)

5) For how long do you intend to use the artwork?

6) Do you have a deadline for the project/artwork? (how much time will I have to work for the project?)

7) Do you have a budget for the project? If yes, what is you budget?

8) Is there any reference tha you can provide, links, website, images, etc., as a guideline for the project/artwork? If yes, please let me know.

9) Are you able to provide any other references, details or information if necessary to support me to get a better quote?

Any quote will be based on your information, it is just an estimate value and does not mean it is the final price. The final price will depend on other details and future agreement.

After having a deal on the quotation and before start working on your project we need to set up some points like an agreement/contract and initial deposit.

Please remember to provide your name, contact details and the best way to contact you and e-mail me your answers to: [email protected] or [email protected]

All your answers will be kept private and confidential, they will be used solely by Cris De Lara.